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Researching Secondary Law Sources

Halsbury's Laws of Australia (Lexis Advance) 

This Legal Encyclopedia covers 89 subject areas of law providing definitive statements of the law supported by Australian legislative and judicial authority.

There are direct links to CaseBase and LawNow Legislation to enable quick access to the corresponding authority.

Halsbury's Laws of Australia is available in print at the Burwood and Waterfront campus libraries, and online via Lexis Advance.


Advanced Search: Halsbury's Laws of Australia

After accessing via the Library's A-Z databases entry for Halsbury's Laws of Australia, select Advanced Search

Halsbury's Laws of Australia Advanced Search


Take note of the Use Connectors and add your search terms in the search boxes and then click on Search.


Halsbury's Advanced Search


Accessing, searching and browsing Halsbury's Laws of Australia


In Lexis Advance:

Halsbury's link screenshot

Click on the Halsbury's link and select 'Table of Contents'. This will bring up a list of the various chapter titles in the encyclopaedia eg. Bankruptcy, Intellectual Property.


Click on the + icon in the chapter title to show the contents of the volume. You can search a whole section by ticking the box next to the heading, then typing in your search in the main search box. Selecting smaller sections of the encyclopaedia will narrow your results even further.

If you selected Go to Advanced Search (above), enter your keywords in the Search Terms box to search the entire encyclopaedia.

However, if you have an idea of the area of law you are interested in, you can restrict your search to that specific part of the encyclopaedia. 


Occasionally, you may be unsure of the most useful keywords to use.

Drilling down through the contents of a particular volume can quite often provide you with the information you need - a bit like browsing the shelves in the library!

Open the chapter you are interested in to see how information is arranged. To search just within the chapter, select it by ticking the chapter heading and typing your search terms in the search box at the top of the screen.