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Legal Research Basics

Getting started with legal research

This introductory legal research guide will help you to get started with legal research.  Read through the outlines below to learn what is covered in each section of this guide. You can navigate to these sections via the menu on the left.


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Key books: Below is a list of useful legal research textbooks which can be used in addition to your prescribed resources.

Your first steps in legal research: This section is the first place you should start. It maps out the difference between primary and secondary sources of law. There are also some useful videos on developing key research skills.

Legal writing skills: Contains links to useful books and resources on legal writing skills.

Study guides: Links to commercial legal publishers short topical guides, including case notes and Q & A exam study guides.

International treaties: This section contains some useful resources on the Australian treaty making process, links to important treaties and examples of referencing styles.

Current awareness: How to keep up to date with new developments in the law, as well as a list of recent acquisitions.

Unit Help: Customised Library Resource Guides for specific unit codes.

Key Books

Legal Research

Legal Writing

Exam writing

Advanced Research Methods

Professional Legal Skills