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Reading Lists

Reading list instructions for academics

7. Improving a List

There are many features to the Reading List platform that could be helpful to use with new and existing reading lists. This page provides suggestions for ways in which improvements to a reading list can be obtained.

They include:

  • Contact your Scholarly Services Librarian
  • Check the student view

Contact your Scholarly Services Librarian

Your Scholarly Services Librarian can help to improve your Reading Lists, by reviewing your list or providing analytics. Please contact your Scholarly Services Librarian for assistance.

Key things the Library can do when reviewing a reading list:

  • Test links to resources.
  • Look over the reference information for resources.
  • Check the availability of library resources in a list.
  • Investigate if physical items are available for purchase in an electronic format.
  • Explore to see if the latest editions of a resource (preferably in an electronic format) are available to purchase.
  • Add student notes, such as if an e-book has limited concurrent user.



A review of your reading list can be requested when you go to publish by clicking on Review & Publish. Once the review is complete, the Library will inform you of any changes made to a list.

Check the student view

You are able to view the Reading List as a student by: 

  1. Whilst in a specific reading list. Clicking on View.
  2. Then selecting As student.  



The benefits to viewing a Reading List as a student:

  • View the published version of a Reading List before it is published.
  • Test the CSV or RIS file feature in a Reading List.
  • Test the PDF features in a Reading List.
  • Test the links of a Reading List to make sure that none of the links are broken.



You cannot edit the list when it is in Student View. Return to normal view by clicking the blue Exit student view button.