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Using A-Z databases for Business

Deakin subscribes to a large number of databases that you can use for your study and research. Did you know you can filter the list to find suitable databases for your research? Here's how:

  1. Go to the Deakin's list of databases available on this page
  2. Press the Filter button, which looks like this filter button
  3. To restrict the list to databases that relate to Business, for example, look in the "Limit by Subject" area and click the "Business" button that looks like this 
  4. If you wish, you can click more buttons to add more filters, including restricting the database list by format and access type.

The right way to use Google Scholar

By all means use Google Scholar, just make sure it isn't the only search tool. Be cautious and ensure you also use discipline-specific databases.


Here are some reasons to be cautious when using Google Scholar to search for relevant, credible, academic resources:

  • Google search results are not ranked according to your search criteria alone. This is because Google shapes search results based on what it knows about you from your previous searching activity.
  • Google's search results can be influenced by wider interests including business, marketing, political activity.
  • Google Scholar results include non-academic and non-peer reviewed material.


Link your Google account to the Deakin University Library to improve your access to full text versions of articles that you find when you are searching with Google Scholar. It's easy and only takes a minute to do. Here are the instructions to link your Google account.