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Video and multimedia resources

Videos and multimedia are a useful way of communicating ideas and concepts which make learning engaging and insightful. It makes it easier to digest study content at one's own pace and recall new knowledge better. Many web search engines allow a video specific search, however beware that online material often loses copyright information

It is best to use resources which have clear Creative Commons licences or Terms of Use which enable Deakin to use the material. Never link to or embed material which is clearly in breach of copyright. Don't use commercial products unless Deakin has a subscription, or you are able to purchase the rights to the resource.


Key video and multimedia collections

Television programs

The Checkout

ABC TV's satirical show, The Checkout looks at a vast range of consumer issues relating to consumer right and product placement and marketing by companies and marketers. Past episodes of The Checkout are also available from Informit EduTV

Image courtesy of ABC TV




Marketplace is Canada's consumer watchdog. They get the goods to help consumers shop smarter and protect themselves from slick scams and misleading claims. They investigate everyday products and services to push companies and government for answers to expose the truth. 

Image courtesy of CBC