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Databases for scholarly and non-scholarly resources

Journal articles

Using peer-reviewed journal articles for a particular topic are common in university assignments. Databases allow you to search large collections of  journals to find articles. This is better than searching in individual journals. Recommended key databases with peer reviewed articles are:


Licensing information: Please read what you can and can't do with each resource in the A-Z Databases under 'License Information'. Queries can be sent to the Publisher Licensing Consultant.

Market research and  industry reports

Market and industry research provides data, trends and insights into a market. It is an important component of marketing strategy. Statistics and market research data help companies and businesses make informed decisions to understand potential customers, trends and the competitor landscape. It also provides an overview of consumer needs, wants, beliefs and behaviour. Key databases with market industry reports are recommended below:


Help! There are no market research reports about the industry!  

So what do you do? ‚ÄčMarket industry reports are not easily available without a subscription or paying a lot of money to buy them. It is easy to Google the name of the industry and find numerous reports available online - all for a certain amount of money. It is not practical (and very expensive!) for the Library to buy every market research report database. If you believe there is nothing relevant from eMarketerPassport or IBISWorld, you may like to re-think and look more broadly at the industry. One way of doing this is to search the databases on issues and trends using keywords from the assignment. Then identify the industries and companies that focus on these areas.


Newspapers, magazines and professional  articles

Newspapers, magazines and professional articles are written for a general audience, but are also a great source of information for social issues, popular culture, current/past events, editorials and opinions. While most of these do not reflect in-depth research, professional articles are usually written with a particular industry/profession in mind. But they are still general enough for anyone to understand these articles.