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Open Access: Publishing Agreements

Taylor & Francis


Available for articles with an acceptance date from 1 January 2023

Journal coverage

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This agreement allows authors from participating institutions to publish in some of Taylor & Fancis's hybrid journals without the need for any transactional open access article processing charge (APC).

Articles not covered by this agreement may benefit from a 10% discount on eligible APCs. Please consult the title list for eligible journals.

Read more about this agreement from Taylor & Francis.

Eligible article types

Open access publishing covered under this Read & Publish agreement includes, but is not limited to, the following article types:

  • Article
  • Review
  • Research Article
  • Review Article
  • Report
  • Short Communication
  • Case Report
  • Note
  • Original Article
  • Guest Editorial

Authors may publish excluded article types as “closed access” or pay an article processing charge (if applicable) to make the article open access.

Capped agreement

The 2024 cap is 3850 articles by eligible authors from participating institutions

Other charges

Taylor & Francis does charge additional fees for page and/or colour fees. Authors should always check each journal’s submission guidelines to ensure that they will not be subject to any other fees or charges.

Author rights and licence options

Articles from authors at participating institutions may be published under the authors' choice of either

  • CC-BY
  • CC-BY-NC

How to use this agreement

  • Responsible corresponding authors must use their Deakin email address when submitting an article for publication. 
  • Responsible corresponding authors must include Deakin University as one of their affiliations to benefit from this agreement.

The following instructions for authors have been provided by the publisher:

  1. Corresponding Author (CA) submits to an eligible journal 
  2. The article goes through thorough peer-review 
  3. If the article is accepted, the CA will receive a notification to let them know
  4. They will then receive a link to complete their Author Publishing Agreement
  5. The CA will then need to confirm information such as funding information
  6. The CA can then request open access funding for their article through the agreement. The system will let them know about the agreement in place with the institution they are affiliated to
  7. The CA will choose the Creative Commons licence they wish to publish the article under (CCBY or CCBY NC ND for articles in Open Select journals)
  8. The CA will sign the Author Publishing Agreement
  9. T&F will then send a notification to the institution to ask them to confirm open access funding approval
  10. T&F will let the CA know once the article has been approved for open access funding under the agreement
  11. T&F will also let the CA know if the article is declined for open access funding under the agreement, and the options available to them.

Further details

This page provides a summary and was last updated on: 12 Feb 2024

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Read & Publish Agreements Negotiated by CAUL: Taylor & Francis