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Open Access: Publishing Agreements

Read & Publish Agreements @ Deakin

Deakin Library is participating in multiple Read & Publish agreements with major publishers to support Deakin researchers publishing with open access.

What are Read & Publish Agreements?

Read & Publish agreements are designed to support the transition to an open scholarly publishing system. They take the library’s existing expenditure on subscriptions and repurpose it to cover both reading and publishing in that publisher’s journals. If you publish in a journal that’s included in one of the Read & Publish agreements, you will be able to publish direct to open access with no transactional Article Processing Charges (APCs).

Why publish with open access?

Open access publishing makes your research outputs available globally on publication via the publisher’s platform. This makes your findings accessible to a wider audience, including the public, industry, practitioners, government and researchers in developing countries. Open access publishing supports translation of research into practice and allows other researchers to build on your work. Your research is more visible, potentially leading to higher citation rates and more impact.

Learn more on the Open Access guide.



Some key points to note:

  • Not all journals from the publishers are eligible under these agreements. Check title lists carefully
  • You must be the corresponding author and use your Deakin email address and affiliation
  • Some publishers may still invoice you for page charges or colour charges, even if the article publishing charge is waived as part of the agreement. Check the journal website carefully for information about additional costs to publish
  • Some publishers have set a limit or "cap" on the number of articles that can be published to open access with no APCs. The caps apply to all participating universities in Australia as a group
  • To be eligible, your article must have an acceptance date within the term of the agreement
  • Articles will be made available under a Creative Commons CC-BY Licence (or a variant thereof)

What is the best way to find out about Read and Publish agreement titles?

Where Should I Publish

WSIP is the recommended tool for checking if a specific journal title is included in a Deakin Read & Publish agreement. Likewise, it is the recommended tool for browsing included journal titles by category or FoR code.

Open Access: Publishing Agreements guide

This guide is the recommended tool for browsing for included journal titles by publisher. Note that the journal lists by publisher are maintained by CAUL.

Get in touch

Contact your librarian with any questions.

How does publishing with Open Access Agreements work?