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Open Access: Publishing Agreements



Articles that have an acceptance date during the term of this agreement (2023 - 2025) are eligible to be published open access under the terms of the agreement.

Journal coverage

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The agreement allows for publishing in most of Elsevier's hybrid journals without the need for any transactional open access article processing charge (APC). If you wish to publish open access, please check to ensure that your desired journal is included.

The title list is dynamic and will change throughout the year. To check for a title or search by subject area please use this website.

Hybrid journals that 'flip' to OA during the course of this agreement will not be eligible for OA publishing. If a journal flips to OA, authors should check with the publisher if they will be charged an APC.

Titles not included in the agreement for open access publishing may still benefit from a 15% discount on open access article processing charges (APCs). Please check the journal title list to see which journals offer a discount.

Eligible article types

The following article types are eligible for open access under this agreement:

  • Full Length articles
  • Review articles
  • Case Reports
  • Protocols
  • Short Communications
  • Micro Articles
  • Original Software Publications
  • Short Surveys
  • Data
  • Practice guidelines
  • Replication Studies
  • Video Articles

There are no exclusions.

Capped agreement

This agreement provides for 10,440 articles to be published open access in 2024.

Other charges

Elsevier does charge additional fees for page and/or colour fees. Authors should always check each journal’s submission guidelines to ensure that they will not be subject to any other fees or charges.

Author rights and licence options

Articles from authors at participating institutions may be published under the authors' choice of either

  • CC-BY

How to use this agreement

  • Responsible corresponding authors must use their Deakin email address when submitting an article for publication. 
  • Responsible corresponding authors must include Deakin University as one of their affiliations to benefit from this agreement.
  1. Follow the publisher's usual article submission process via
  2. On acceptance of the article, the publisher will ask the corresponding author to make their publishing choices and complete a form (publishing agreement).
  3. The corresponding author selects open access and confirms the licence type (e.g. CC-BY).
  4. The APC is automatically waived for authors who have declared their affiliation to a participating CAUL institution during the publishing workflow.

See an example screenshot.

Read more about this agreement from Elsevier or discover additional resources for authors and librarians.

Further details

This page provides a summary and was last updated on: 12 Feb 2024

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