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Article Field Weighted Citation Impact (FWCI)


Article Field Weighted Citation Impact (FWCI) indicates how the number of citations received by an article compares to the average or expected number of citations received by other similar publications. Similar publications are determined by year, type, and discipline.



  • Funding applications, Academic promotion, Job applications


  • If demonstrating the magnitude of citations is important, field weighted citation impacts may not be appropriate

Common tools

  • Scopus

How to: Find an article's Field Weighted Citation Impact

Scopus - Article FWCI

  1. Access Scopus from the Library website

  2. Change the Search option to Documents, and type or copy/paste the title of the article, conference paper, or book/chapter between double quotation marks ("..."). Click Search

  3. Click the title of the document and view the FWCI in the Metrics box in the right hand column

  4. Click View all Metrics to access further article level metrics such as citations, and PlumX Metrics.

Please note: Article FWCI from Scopus only takes into consideration documents that are indexed in the Scopus database.