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Professional Communication: Advertising, Journalism and Public Relations

Primary source material

Legislation (Acts)
The full text of Australian Commonwealth and selected State legislation is available at the Australasian Legal Information Institute's web site.

Law reports
These are printed or electronic volumes that contain the text of cases heard before various courts and tribunals. Some law reports are subject specific, while others deal only with cases heard in a particular court. They generally include information such as the names of the parties involved, the date of the hearing, a summary of the facts involved in the case, and the judgment. Law reports are a good starting point when you need information related to a specific legal case or cases.

Finding legal cases

LexisNexis AU
Australian case citator and digest. Go to CaseBase and within the Case Name text box, enter a party name and click Search. Licensing and Resource Information
Includes FirstPoint, and summary and history of each case. Enter the party names in the Case Name field, then search. Licencing and Resource Information

AustLII Australasian Legal Information Institute
Commonwealth and State legislation and cases. Unrestricted access.