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Web Resources

Is an online database published by the World Resources Institute which can be searched for such topics as water resources, climate, agriculture and biodiversity.

World Bank
Almost all the data reported in this site are derived, either directly or indirectly, from official statistical systems organized and financed by national governments.


Web Resources

Can be searched by country or categories such as population, labour force and maternal mortality. Data originates from national statistics, United Nations and World Bank.


Web Resources

World Health Organization Statistical Information System (WHOSIS)
Provides health related epidemiological and statistical information from 1998-

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
Is the national agency for health and welfare statistics.

Health Status of Victorians
Includes information about the health and determinants of health of Victorians.


Web Resources

Human Development Reports
Includes information on the human development index which measures life expectancy, education and standard of living for some 177 countries

U.S. and World Population Clock
The Population Clock is consistent with 2010 Census data and the most recent national population estimates.

ADSRI - The Australian Demographic & Social Research Institute
The Australian National University's site on population and society