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Open Access

What is Diamond Open Access?

Diamond Open Access refers to journals that are free for readers to access and free for authors to publish in.

Unlike the Gold (publisher) and Green (repository) routes to open access, Diamond journals don’t require any article processing charges (APCs) paid by authors or subscription fees paid by libraries to fund the costs of publishing.

Diamond journals leverage their research community and volunteers, and are usually funded by universities, governments, societies, or associations to make the research they publish freely available online.

Other names used for Diamond Open Access include community-driven open access, scholar-led open access, non-commercial open access, cooperative open access, free to read and publish, and institutionally supported open access journals.

A recent report commissioned by cOAlition S explored the huge global range of Diamond open access journals.

Advantages of Diamond Open Access

No author fees

  • Diamond journals do not charge any fees to publish your research with open access.

No subscription or access fees

  • Diamond journals do not charge any fees for readers to access your research.

Community over commercialisation

  • The focus of Diamond journals is on serving the needs of their research community rather than generating profit from the publishing business model.

Greater exposure

  • By providing free access to your research, you make your work more accessible and allow it to have greater exposure and impact.

How to find a Diamond open access journal in your research field

One of the easiest ways to find Diamond open access journals is to search the DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals). DOAJ is the leading directory of OA journals, and provides details of OA journals and their policies.

DOAJ also indexes journals that charge fees, but has a handy filter for journals that don’t charge APCs. It currently lists over 13,000 open access journals without fees. DOAJ has high quality control standards to weed out predatory journals.


Deakin-hosted Diamond Open Access journals

At openjournals@Deakin, the Library uses Open Journal Systems (OJS) to host the following Diamond open access journals:


c i n d e r  is a creative writing research journal affiliated with the Australasian Association of Writing Programs (AAWP).


The Humanitarian Leader is an independent voice for the aid sector, published by the Centre for Humanitarian Leadership.


Journal of Teaching and Learning for Graduate Employability is a scholarly forum for the dissemination of research and evidence-based practice in teaching and learning for graduate employability.


Persona Studies is a peer reviewed academic journal that explores the construction of the public self. The concept of persona is explored in its production and performance in a variety of contexts. The journal supports both traditional articles and creative practice submissions.


TESOL in Context is an internationally refereed journal; readership includes EAL/ESL professionals working across sectors both in Australia and overseas.


Elements of content on this page are gratefully adapted from Open Access Australasia’s resources and used under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licence.