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Researching Legislation

Guide outline

Getting started researching legislation


This introductory legal research guide will help you to get started with researching for authoritative sources of legislation. Read through the outlines below to learn what is covered in each section of this guide. You can navigate to these sections via the menu on the left.


Legislation Overview: Legislation includes Acts made by Parliament and delegated legislation. This section will provide information on how to locate legislation on authorised free government websites.

Legislative Process: This section will step you through how a law is made in Australia and the legislative process involved in making new laws.

Bills & Extrinsic Materials: This section explains how to locate Bills and extrinsic materials which are used to create new Acts. 

Acts: This section provides step-by-step instructions on how to locate principal and amending legislation using government websites and subscription databases.

Delegated Legislation: This section provides a brief overview of the types of delegated/subordinate legislation. 

Citing Legislation: Some examples of referencing legislation using the AGLC4 referencing style.

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