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Researching Legislation

LawNow in Lexis Advance

LawNow, on Lexis Advance, is a full text legislation service, including current, repealed and historical versions of Australian legislation.

Each piece of legislation includes a detailed legislative history, plus links to subordinate legislation, a list of defined terms and a downloadable PDF.

Browsing in LawNow

Browse for legislation in LawNow:

  1. Open Lexis Advance and scroll down under the 'Publications' list.
  2. Click the arrow next to 'LawNow'.
  3. Choose the Jurisdiction, in this case we've selected 'Victoria', and select 'Browse legislation'.
  4. Common categories to browse are 'Current Acts' or 'All Current Bills'.

Searching in LawNow

Search for legislation in LawNow:

Select 'LawNow'  from the 'Publications' list, then click 'Go to Advanced Search'.


You can search by keyword or title. Suggested titles will appear as you type. Select the jurisdiction using the checkboxes.

LawNow Legislation Record

On the page for the Act you can:

  • View the 'Legislation Citator' - links you to related materials which discuss this Act as a whole, or which discuss a particular provision of the Act. For example, view cases and commentary in Lexis Advance that mention s 28 of the Charter of Human Rights.
  • See a list of provisions in the Act.
  • View the legislative history - links to the Bill and shows table of amendments etc.
  • View historical versions of the Act for 'point-in-time' research.
  • See a list of defined terms as used in the Act.
  • Download a PDF copy.
  • Link to the authorised version on the Government website.