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Researching Legislation



Lawlex provides links to authorised legislation (Bills, Acts and Regulations) in all Australian jurisdictions.

Access to Lawlex Premium is available via the Deakin Library's A-Z databases links.

Search for legislation: Quick Search

To search for the Crimes Act 1958 (Vic) use the Quick Search box and follow the example below:

Do not include the date.
Use the dropdown box to select the jurisdiction - don't include it in the search box.

Select the Act from the results list:

This takes you to the Core Document Homepage for the Act:

Note the features:

  • currency statement
  • links to historical versions. Links to EMs and second reading speeches from legislation enacted in the mid-1990s onwards will also be under the Related Links heading.
  • document type
  • commencement information
  • Regulations under the Act
  • amendment history
  • information on upcoming amendments
  • Gazette notices relating to the Act
  • for amending Acts, a link to the titles that are affected.

takes you to the authorised version of the Act on the relevant government webpage.

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Legislation has been classified into the following categories:
Banking and Finance; Business, Trades and Professions; Commercial and Corporate Law; Criminal Law; Culture and Recreation; Education, Training and Research; Employment and Industrial Law; Environment; Family Law and Relationships; Government; Government Financing; Health, Human Rights; Immigration and Citizenship; Indigenous Australians; Insurance; Intellectual Property; International Law; Legal System; Media adn Communications; Primary Industry; Privacy; Property, Housing and Development; Social Services; Superannuation; Transport; Wills and Estates.