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Researching Case Law

UK cases on Lexis Advance

Some UK law reports published by Lexis Nexis are available on the Lexis Advance database. For example:

  • All England Commercial Cases
  • All England Law Reports
  • Butterworths Company Law Cases
  • Butterworths Human Rights Cases
  • Construction Law Reports
  • English Reports
  • Estates Gazette Law Reports
  • Industrial Relations Law Reports
  • Irish Reports
  • Session Cases

Search UK cases on Lexis Advance

Choose UK from the drop down main search bar and search:

Lexis Advance UK image


Browse UK cases on Lexis Advance

Select Browse > Publications > United Kingdom > By Content Type > UK Cases











Links to ICLR Online

Where law reports are available on ICLR Online, Lexis Advance will provide a link. This is identifiable with a "linking to external resources" link. 

This link will take you to the case on the ICLR Online subscription database. Sometimes ICLR does not recognise that you are accessing via Deakin Library, as you have been linked from Lexis Advance.

If you are unable to access the full text of the case from the Lexis Advance link, then open ICLR Online from the Library's A-Z Databases entry in a new tab. You should now be able to access the full text of the case on ICLR Online.