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Researching Case Law

Find cases by party names

Let's look at an example: Telebooth Pty Ltd v Telstra Corporation Ltd [1994] 1 VR 337     ‚Äč

The party names for this case are Telebooth and Telstra Corporation 

There are two ways you can search using these names.

HANDY TIP: you don't need to include the 'Pty Ltd' etc. in online searches and generally you don't need to include the 'v' either.

Search a case citator

number one   Search a case citator using the Case Name field:


Citators will suggest possible matches as you begin typing the case name - select the case you want, and click on search.


In CaseBase:

case name

In FirstPoint:


Search a law report series

number 2  Search the full text of the law report series online.

  • First, use the Legal Abbreviations guide to check what the abbreviation stands for. In this case, VR stands for Victorian Reports
  • Then search the library to link through to that report series and find the case.

  • You will see results for both online and print versions, with the link to access them online.

  • Use the case name to locate the case in the Victorian Reports.