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Researching Case Law

BarNet Jade

JADE (Judgments and Decisions Enhanced) is both a case citator and a current awareness service that collects recent decisions of selected Australian Courts and Tribunals.

'CaseTrace' allows you to see how a particular paragraph from a judgment has been considered in later decisions, with the relevant text.

The Citation Report in JADE gives you an overview of the judgment or legislation by detailing its history, and all the citations made in and to the judgment or legislation.

Accessing BarNet Jade

BarNet JADE's basic functions are free to use.

If you are serious about using Jade, the first thing you should do is register. It's free, and gives you a number of benefits, including:

  • Email alerts about new cases and legislation, or subsequent treatment of cases and legislation, if you would like them.
  • The ability to make and store tags and annotations of cases and legislation.

Searching BarNet Jade

You can use natural language to search. Jade automatically puts in wildcard operators and either (“ ”) around the phrase typed or OR or AND between words in the phrase if the words do not commonly appear together.

If Jade is uncertain of the relationship between the words in your phrase, it will always put in OR between them. If you want all the words in your phrase to appear in a decision, type AND or a plus sign (+) between them. For example, deceit AND misstatement. 

For more information on the use of Boolean, proximity and wildcard operators in Jade, check our their help sheets.