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Prep and Plan

Being prepared can minimize stress and increase your confidence. Get started by clicking the plus icons to view 3 key questions you need to consider.


Remember to start preparing and planning early. Drafting, learning new software and editing can be time-consuming.


The audience is central to your video creation. They shape what content you include, the language you use, and how you present the video.

Think about the different ways you communicate with your colleagues, parents, children and friends. You will need to tailor your video to suit their level of understanding.


Where will your video be watched?

You also need to think about where your video will be shared and who might therefore be able to see it. Is it going to be shown:

During a work placement? On a public website? in a student portal?

What is appropriate to share in one context (for example, a video for an assessment with your unit chair) may not be appropriate to show in another context (such as sharing openly on a public website online).


You have professional, ethical and legal responsibilities to protect privacy and to respect copyright. These dictate what you can show in your video and where you can share it. Think about the consequences of your video going viral?

Purpose - Why am I creating this video?

You will also need to understand the purpose of the video you are making. Before you start, ask yourself "what do I need this video to do?"

Rollover the icons below to find out about different video purposes.

Sometimes a video will have one purpose but more often it’s a combination.  Consider if your video has multiple purposes. If it does, which of these is most important to keep in mind as you plan?


Always check the assignment criteria so you understand why you are making the video.

Format - What type of video am I creating?

Once you have a clear idea about the audience and purpose of your video, your next planning step is to decide what type of video you want to make. Think about what technology you feel comfortable using, your time frame, and which video type suits your purpose.

Click on the plus icons to get a better idea of different video types.

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