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Finding and using content

Choosing multimedia for your video

You can use different multimedia to make your message clearer or to engage your audience. Multimedia can be a range of things including images, video snippets, or audio and music.

Check out the information below on where to find multimedia content for your video.

Using sounds

Just like images, sounds can add extra detail or strengthen a message. Sounds you can use in making your video include music, audio recordings, or sound effects.

When including sounds you need to think about:

  • What sounds do I need?
  • Where can I find relevant sounds?
  • Can I use my own audio recordings?

Finding sounds you can use

Here are some reliable websites to find copyright free sound files:


Sound effects

Using images

There are loads of great, high quality images you can find online that are considered Public Domain. This means that the creator is happy for you to use them without paying for them or asking their permission. Attribution is not needed, but it’s still good to credit the creator by including their details.

Here are some reliable websites to search for free images:

For more options, explore this Deakin provided List of Free Image websites.

Using video footage

Using video footage that you find elsewhere can add important context to your production.  It's possible to create an entire video from 'found footage,' overlayed with audio.

Here are some reliable websites and online platforms where you can find video snippets:

Using your own photos, art or video snippets

Taking photos or filming video snippets yourself is a great idea.

But if you have taken photos of other people you need to respect their privacy. Showing photos or footage of others can impact their comfort level, their cultural beliefs, or even their safety. So always ask permission first.


Using and attributing content

You may legally use insubstantial portions of audio or visual content for research or study, even if it has been commercially distributed. You must always attribute, or reference, audiovisual content.

Streaming videos

It is generally a breach of licence and/or user conditions to download or capture streaming videos even for the purposes of research or study.  Ensure that you read the user or licence conditions of the service streaming the video before attempting to do so.

See the comprehensive guide for using images and audio in film for more details.


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