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Financial Planning

The aim of this guide is to assist you in your studies in Financial Planning. Included are library resources and websites that you might find useful. 

In addition to this page, much of the information on the other pages in this Accounting guide will also be a good source of information for conducting research in Financial Planning.

Books and eBooks in the library

Accessing eBooks in the library

The eBooks in the library are sourced through many providers. While each platform can look a bit different, they mostly have the same features. To access the ebooks there will be a link associated with the resource. Depending on the library record you are looking at, these links can be in different places. They look like this:


Using eBooks

The library has help pages for using ebooks - have a look here for videos and information. The easiest way to read an ebook is to access and read it online without downloading it. If you are going to be using the ebook when you have no internet access, you may wish to download the ebook. Each eBook platform can look a bit different, but most have similar features - some details on using these are below:

CCH eBooks

When you access the eBook through the CCH ebook lending link in the library, you may be asked to sign in if you haven't already. Click on the borrow button to access the ebook. Once the page opens to the cover of the ebook, Click on the lines to view the chapters:

Click on the chapter you wish to read or use the search box to search for terms. Under the settings (the cog icon), reading preferences can be changed to alter the view.

ProQuest Ebook Central

The Proquest platform is easy to use. When you click on the link in the library record:

The ebook will display on your screen. To access the contents, click on the links to the chapters. You can also print or copy restricted number of pages and download the ebook if you have the need to read it offline. 


Financial planning articles are found in the library and on websites. Articles can be academic or industry focused. For information on academic articles and searching for articles, please have a look at the Academic articles page of this guide (under Find Resources). Relevant publications include:

Professional planner ceased producing an print journal in 2020 and later articles are produced on the website

Law in Financial Planning

There are legal regulations and controls regulating the financial planning industry. These include the Corporations Act 2001, the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and the Privacy Act 1988.  These can be accessed through the Federal Register of Legislation.


Federal Register of Legislation - Commonwealth Acts

The Federal Register of Legislation is located here -

Use the 'Acts' menu on the homepage to locate the Commonwealth Act by title.

federal register homepage


On the Act's page, you can navigate using the Table of Contents, download a PDF copy, or click 'View Series' to see information on related Bills, amendments, historical versions etc.

Federal Register legislation record


At the end of the Act, you can use Endnote 3 and Endnote 4 to trace back any amendments made to the Act.

endnote 3endnote 4


Law and Legal Research

The library has an excellent resource guide covering Law and Legal Research. For detailed information on legal research, case law and legislation please have a look at the law guide. The library has access to law journals and other resources. For detailed instructions on using legal databases such as Lexis Advance, Westlaw AU and other law resources such as dictionaries and legal encyclopedias, please have a look at the Researching Secondary Law Sources guide.

News and Current awareness

For details on accessing and searching news through the library, please have a look at the News and current awareness page of this guide.

Library databases also provide bulletins on issues in Financial Planning. These include:

Useful Websites


Government Bodies


Professional Organisations