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Law and Legal Research Hub

Welcome to the Law and Legal Research Resource Guides

This collection of guides, provided by Deakin Library, will assist you with developing your legal research skills. Building strong legal research skills early in your degree will assist you with identifying quality peer-reviewed journal articles, authoritative case precedents, and legislative resources for your assessment research. Proficiency in undertaking legal research is also a key graduate skill sought by prospective legal employers.

These legal research guides are prescribed reading resources for MLL110 Legal Research & Statutory Interpretation, MLM704 Foundations of Law and MLJ701 Legal Method & Statutory Interpretation.

The Library can provide advice and assistance with:

  • Accessing and searching for legal resources
  • Evaluating legal resources
  • Developing legal research skills
  • Legal referencing

Not sure how to get started? Start with the Legal Research Basics Guide. For further information contact the Business & Law Scholarly Services Librarians