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HDR Literature Review Plan

Approaching your HDR Literature Review


Developing a comprehensive literature review is one of the first steps of your HDR journey. While your research methods may vary from your peers, the approach to a high-quality literature review is very similar.

This guide contains information from your librarians to help you develop your literature review.

Read through the outlines below to learn what is covered in each section of this guide. You can navigate to each of these sections via the menu on the left. 


Organise your workflow: This section offers you a suggested workflow for your literature review, including the use of software to manage your references, annotate, explore and cite them.

Plan your literature search: Outline steps for developing a search strategy and common techniques used in advanced searching.

Begin your literature search: Discusses the key resources and services you can use to search and obtain various types of literature.

Expand your literature search: Covers how to use citation databases to expand your literature search.

Learn more: Additional resources to help you on your literature review journey.

Following a systematic approach

There are many benefits to following a systematic approach to your literature search, such as:

  • To gain an overview of existing literature on your topic
  • To identify seminal authors and papers relevant to your topic
  • To identify gaps in existing literature
  • To build a case for your own research
  • To make an informed decision on your research methodology and methods
  • To raise the "publishability" of your literature review as a review article