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HDR Literature Review Plan

Finding research methods

A well developed literature review can:

  • Help you gain a deep understanding of different research paradigms and associated methods in your disciplines
  • Support you to make an informed decision on which research methods are most appropriate for your research


The short module below will guide you through the process of finding research methods.


Get started with SAGE Research Methods

Get a head start with some of the fabulous resources in this database including:

  • Project Planner
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Methods Map Tool

Access SAGE Research Methods below:

Learn more about finding research methods

To become an expert at finding research methods, complete the online module: Exploring Library Resources: Research Methods on the Library HDR and Researcher Training CloudDeakin site.

To access the site:

  1. Visit the CloudDeakin homepage: 

  1. Click the Self Registration menu on the right 

  1. Click on the unit “Library HDR and Researcher Training” to enrol 

  1. The unit will be added to your CloudDeakin menu 

  1. Visit the unit via your CloudDeakin menu, or the Library HDR and Researcher Training unit link to access all resources, anytime you like.