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Researcher and author profiles

Scopus Author Profile


Your Scopus Author Profile is automatically generated the first time you publish an article indexed in Scopus. It is recommended that you frequently check your Scopus Author Profile to make sure your publications are in one single profile.


  • Manage your publications in the Scopus database
  • Get publication metrics for your work indexed in Scopus, such as h-index and Field Weighted Citation Impact (FWCI)
  • Use your Scopus Author Profile in the analytics product SciVal
  • Link your ORCID ID to your Scopus Author Profile


  • Your Scopus Author ID will only list your publications that are indexed in the Scopus database
  • Future publications will be matched to your ID based on metadata such as your name, affiliation, and discipline. If this data is not able to be matched, a new Author Profile may be created - if this happens, you can merge the profiles.


How to: Manage your Scopus Author Profile

Finding your Scopus Author Profile

  1. Access Scopus from the Library website
  2. Change the Search option to Authors, and type your last name, first initial, and affiliation in the correct search fields
  3. Select the correct author from the search results

Correcting your Scopus Author Profile

If you find multiple profiles exist for you, use the Author Feedback Wizard to merge your Scopus profiles, set your affiliation, and add or remove documents. You will need to create a login for Scopus to use the Wizard - if you already have an Elsevier product login that you use for SciVal or Mendeley, this will work.

Note: You can only choose from the affiliations that Scopus has on your publications. If you change institution, affiliation in your Scopus profile will automatically update once you have your first publication with the new affiliation.

ORCID and Scopus Author Profile

To link your Scopus Author Profile with ORCID click on Connect to ORCID link at the top of your Scopus Author profile page.

Help resources for Scopus Author Profile

Visit Scopus Support Centre to access Scopus FAQs and tutorials.