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Nursing and Midwifery


We have a complete guide to Evidence Based Practice, go have a look there for

How to:

  • Access the Evidence
  • Appraise the Evidence
  • Apply and Audit
  • and much more!


"Evidence-based nursing can be defined as the application of valid, relevant, research-based information in nurse decision-making." "Research evidence is used alongside our knowledge of our patients." (Cullum, Ciliska, Haynes and Marks, 2008)

Cullum, N., Ciliska, D., Haynes, R.B. & Marks, S. Evidence-based nursing. Oxford, Blackwell Pub., 2008.

eBook link. 

You can access research based information by searching Library databases for journal articles, systematic reviews and other information.

The following EBSCOhost databases can be used to find literature reviews, clinical studies, qualitative studies and systematic reviews.

Systematic reviews are the Gold Standard in the hierarchy of evidence and so an excellent source of evidence based information.

An International Research Collaboration including centres in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong. This site provides access to the Institute's publications, including journal articles, systematic reviews and technical reports. At Deakin University, the Deakin Centre for Quality and Risk Management in Health: A Joanna Briggs Collaborating Centre, is actively involved with this research activity.

Point of Care tools provide evidence based summaries right where you need them, when you're with the patient.

The TRIP Database is a meta-search engine that searches across 61 EBM sites of high-quality medical information, including online journals such as the BMJ, JAMA, NEJM. Search results can be filtered by publication type and specialty.