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Video: Information Searching Techniques

Searching for information is a trial and error process. You'll need to try different search terms, databases and techniques, and see how your results change. Watch this video (01:58) for useful techniques that can help improve your search.

Dictionaries and encyclopedias

Using e-books

The library has help pages for using e-books. The easiest way to read an e-book is to access and read it online without downloading it. If you are going to be using the e-book when you have no internet access, you may wish to download the e-book. Each e-book platform can look a bit different, but most have similar features.


Very Short Introductions - History

Oxford University Press's Very Short Introductions offer introductions to a diverse range of subject areas. All titles provide introductions to a range of subjects, combining facts, analysis, new ideas to make the topics readable.