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Optometry Digital Literacy Toolkit

A toolkit to assist Optometry students with developing personal digital literacy capacity


Your optometry course contains a number of opportunities to learn about the business-related aspects of working in an optometry clinic.

This part of the optometry digital literacy toolkit aims to highlight some of the information resources you may find helpful in understanding this component of your study and future career.

Market and Industry Intelligence

Understanding the optometry industry in Australia will be a useful starting point for thinking about the context you’ll be working in. Below are some suggested sources for optometry-related information:

Passport Icon
Passport publishes access to information and analysis on industries, including eyewear in Australia, as well as companies in those industries. Passport also provides excellent market research via its Consumer tool.


IBISWorld logo
IBISWorld provides information and analysis on Australian industries, including optometry and optical dispensing.


D&B Hoovers provides information on industries and companies, including private companies.


Factiva provides access to business and industry news reports from around the world, categorised by industry, region, subject, company and more.


The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission can be a useful place to find information about companies and industries.

Demographic Information Sources

These sources will help with finding information about Australian populations, both current and forecast:

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is well known for its census data, which is accessible by different geographies including suburb and postcode. The ABS can also be used to access population projections.
.id Consulting’s demographic resources are used by any Australian local councils and other regional authorities provide detailed, publicly available profiles of local areas.
The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) is a good source of information about health and healthcare in Australia.

The AIHW also publishes the MyHealthyCommunities site which allows the performance of local health areas to be assessed individually or in comparison to each other.

Creating and Sustaining a Business

Beyond providing good customer service, business also has legal, marketing, financial and staffing aspects to consider. These sources will help you with information in those areas:

The Business Victoria site is designed to be a one-stop comprehensive portal designed to help you start, run and grow your business. It has a wealth of information, including sections on:

visual communications module homepage
The Visual Communication section of this Toolkit may assist with tips and tools related visual marketing of your business.

Case Studies in the Optometry Industry

Finally, you may be interested in reading case studies of optometry and eyewear companies.
The Warc database is an excellent source for this, with a particular focus on marketing-related case studies.


Further Help

The Optometry Digital Literacy Toolkit was developed by Deakin University Library.
Please get in touch if you have any questions or feedback.