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Optometry Digital Literacy Toolkit

A toolkit to assist Optometry students with developing personal digital literacy capacity

Online Collaboration

Throughout your studies you'll regularly be working collaboratively with fellow students, be it on a group assessment, or in a TBL or PBL seminar. This is excellent preparation for your future career, where being able to be part of a successful team requires understanding how to work in a team.

Collaborating online is different to collaborating in person. This part of the guide offers suggestions on approaching this. You can apply these tips to apply to your studies and will also find them useful in the workforce.

Resources from Study Support

The Study Support website has many great resources to help you with presentations:

For more assistance developing your online communication skills, visit the Communicating Online site from Study Support. Courses

LinkedIn Learning (previously is a video-tutorial based platform with many resources that may assist you in managing group presentations, getting the message across and listening. Search for the helpful courses below in LinkedIn Learning.

Blackboard Collaborate

In the final parts of your study you'll be expected to regularly use Blackboard Collaborate to stay in touch with colleagues and lecturers.

For further assistance with Blackboard Collaborate, please visit the Blackboard Collaborate instruction page. 

Further Help

The Optometry Digital Literacy Toolkit was developed by Deakin University Library.
Please get in touch if you have any questions or feedback.