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Medical Imaging

Key Resources

Textbooks and atlases

A selection of e-books published by Elsevier, including medical imaging topics. Also provides access to articles, videos and images. You can create a reading list and download e-book chapters as PDFs.

A selection of e-books published by McGraw-Hill. Also provides access to cases, videos, podcasts, calculators, drug information and patient education.

Thieme e-books
E-books from this platform can be downloaded permanently to your device.

Develop Your Understanding

Specialist dictionaries, encyclopedias, patient information and other reference material can provide you with a succinct explanation of core information and concepts.

Better Health Channel
Provided by the Victorian State Government, this is an excellent source of patient level health information.

This is the US National Library of Medicine's source of health information for patients and their families.

Compiled and edited by medical professionals, Medscape provides quick access to reference material, education tools and current medical news. Requires registration (free).