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Sources to find journal articles

Australian databases from the Informit collection

The Informit databases can be searched together by selecting 'Change Databases' and then 'Find Relevant Database'. Type 'Crime' into the search box to view a list of databases. Select the most relevant databases from the list and then 'Update Selection' to cross-search the databases simultaneously.

Recommended Journals

The Australian & New Zealand Journal of Criminology
Presents a professional eclectic approach to the tertiary field of criminology by promoting quality research and debate on crime and criminal justice.

Criminology & Criminal Justice : The international journal of policy and practice
Focuses on the general field of criminal justice policy and practice. Covers all areas of crime and criminal justice: from policing to sentencing, community penalties; and from crime prevention to victims of crime.

The Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology
An  American journal focussing on legal doctrine, including constitutional criminal procedure

Browse e-journals in the field of Criminology held at Deakin University.

Licensing information: Please read what you can and can't do with each resource in the A-Z Databases under 'License Information'. Queries can be sent to the Publisher Licensing Consultant.