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Building and maintaining a professional network will be important for the duration of your career. This can be both online and in person. The benefits can include having professional guidance and support, opportunities, and resources.

Professional associations 

Image: Network pictogramProfessional associations are groups where people involved in a specific industry can network and share knowledge. They also help to maintain standards and act as an advocate for that industry. Most industries will have professional associations. Some will be open to individuals to join whereas others might only be open to companies or organisations.

Professional organisations often provide resources for their members - some may also have a library accessible to members. If not a member, they may also have useful resources on their websites and are still worth following


Benefits and services differ between associations, but some common features include:

  • Accreditation as a professional in your industry

  • Access to professional development conferences and training opportunities

  • Access to job listings

  • Access to industry news or mailing lists



Sometimes discounted or free memberships are available for students, so see if you can join up while you're still studying.


Examples of professional associations include:

Connecting with potential employers

Image: DeakinTalent wordsThere are many recruitment and employment websites out there that can be tailored to health and human services focused jobs. However, using a platform such as DeakinTalent is an easy and supported way that you can build your visibility for potential employers, as well as listing prospective job opportunities. 

DeakinTalent is Deakin’s graduate employment portal. A social-business platform designed to connect employers with Deakin students and graduates, open across discipline areas and year levels. It provides an innovative and personalised service that aims to prepare Deakin graduates for the jobs and careers of the future.  

Professional social media tools 

Image: Social media ballIt's easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of choice for social media platforms. You can’t possibly use all of them, and it’s much better to be active on one or two sites than to have neglected profiles all over the internet which haven’t had recent use.

Examples of social media used in the workplace:


With social media, firstly think about what you want to achieve by using a tool. This will help you to determine which one is the right fit.


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