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Beyond Deakin: Supporting you into the future

Welcome to your Beyond Deakin guide

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This guide is designed to support you with your information and digital literacies needs after you graduate and are in the workforce. Evidence-based practice and working with information are key skills for Health professionals but your research pathways change from your student experience. 

Resources and strategies have been put together by your librarians to support you in research and information needs in the workplace. Read through the outline below to learn what is covered in each section of this guide. You can navigate to each of these sections via the menu on the left. 



Finding research: What does research look like after graduation? Find guidance on finding and access information in the workplace without your student access to Deakin subscribed databases and journals.  

Online professional identity: Learn about digital footprints and online identity. There's also some strategies on how to optimise your online identity and highlight positive aspects in Google and other web search engines. 

Building professional networks: Explore professional associations and professional social media tools. Also find out about graduate employment resources available to you like Deakin Talent.

Keeping up-to date: Keeping up to date with changing policies, evidence base and other news is critical. Find strategies here to support you in this goal.

Managing information: Do you feel a little unorganised? As health practitioners managing information in practical but also legal, ethical ways is a key skill. Check out the some information management tools and tips.