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Legal Abbreviations

Abbreviations overview

What is a Legal Abbreviation?


Legal Abbreviations are a short-hand way of citing and identifying legal publications and courts.

The Deakin Library Legal Abbreviations Resource Guide is a select list of the most commonly used Law Reports, Journal Titles and Medium Neutral Citations with their abbreviations and a hyperlink to the Deakin Library Catalogue or the relevant website.




Click on the letter in the left navigation menu to browse to the relevant abbreviation.


Additional abbreviation resources

These other resources will assist you in deciphering less frequently used legal abbreviations:

Legal Referencing

Correct referencing is required while you are researching law and completing law assessments. Deakin University, School of Law requires that you comply with the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (4th edition, 2018) when citing references. This guide is available in the library and online.