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What is an infographic?

What is an infographic?

Infographics are visual representations of data and/or information that are intended to be quickly and easily understood. They are made up of a combination of small amounts of text and visual elements like images, symbols and data visualisations.


Look at some good examples 

A great way to learn about infographics and get some inspiration is to look at some that have already been created. The following links showcase some great examples of infographics to help inspire you: 

Avalance Infographics: 10 rules that make an infographic cool, effective and viral 
An infographic about creating infographics which shows how to present relevant data in a structured format 

Creative Bloq: 62 of the best infographics
A compilation of well-designed infographics from around the web, this list has ideas to suit every topic

Kantar Information is Beautiful: Showcase of the Information is Beautiful awards 
An inspiring showcase that celebrates excellence & beauty in infographics, as well as interactives, information art and data visualization in general 

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