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Creating an infographic

Create an infographic outline

Now that you know the key points you want to illustrate, it’s time to draft your infographic.


The following can be used as a guide for creating an outline of your infographic:

  • Write a short introduction that summarises your research findings
  • Create subtitles based on your key research findings/key takeaways
  • Group your research findings into each of the subtitles
  • Think about what types of images or graphics will illustrate each subtitle
  • Write some short text to accompany each of your subtitles
  • Think of a title
  • Put pen to paper and sketch out infographic flow. 



Explore infographic templates to get more ideas on how to lay out your information.

Fast five infographic tips 

Click on the plus icons below for some tips on drafting your infographic:

Explore more drafting tips and tricks


Need more help with drafting your infographic?

Check out Venngage’s guide: How to create an infographic outline to speed up the design process.