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Digital Research in Humanities and Social Sciences

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Magnifying glass on clipboard"digital preservation :strategic planning, resource allocation and conver-sion, reformatting and preservation activities to ensure continued access to, and usability of, digital materials"

"digital repository :an electronic library (also referred to as a digital library) in which collections are stored in electronic media formats (as opposed to print, microform or other media) and accessible using computers"

"Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) : a text-centric community of practice across several academic fields operating continuously since the 1980s whose defining output is a set of guidelines that collectively define an XML format" (Gardiner & Musto, 2015, p. 249)

Definitions are taken from the glossary in Gardiner, E & Musto, RG 2015, The digital humanities : a primer for students and scholars, New York, NY Cambridge University Press, retrieved October 7, 2020, from <>.