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MPF753 - Finance

Welcome to the resource page for MPF753 -Finance.

This page has been put together to assist you with your research for  this unit. In this unit you will need to access library resources to complete your assignments. Through the library, you can access academic articles, company data and information and industry information.

Your prescribed text is:


What are academic or peer reviewed articles?

In this unit, your assignment requires you to read and incorporate academic journal articles, newspaper articles and other relevant materials.

What are academic journal articles?

Academic journals are sometimes referred to as Scholarly, Refereed or Peer Reviewed journals. They contain high quality articles that have been through a formal review process prior to publication to ensure they are academic in nature and meet specific criteria.

Business magazines like Forbes, Fortune and The Economist are known as trade publications or magazines, not scholarly journals as they are not academic in nature.


How do you decide if a journal is academic (peer reviewed)?

Here are some tips to help you identify an academic journal:
  • These journals will always include a statement to identify themselves
  • Most databases have a search option to limit the search results to peer reviewed /refereed / scholarly articles
  • Look for information about the journal when searching databases
  • Still in doubt? Find out more information on the journal by going to the journal's website

What are Academic articles?   Watch the video                                              


Finding Journal articles


Your assignment requires you to do some research to find and use articles from Academic Journals.

For techniques in finding articles have a look at the Search Strategies and Tips and Find Resources pages of this guide.

These videos will help to get you started:

Finding information by keywords;   

Finding a known journal article

Using DatAnalysis Premium

Assignment 2 requires you to use a database called DatAnalysis Premium to retrieve information on price histories. The video below gives step by step instructions to help you with this. Please remember to substitute the dates in your assignment, the dates in the videos are for example only.

Company Financials and Industry Information


DatAnalysis Premium
Provides a concise description of all ASX listed companies' operations and business interests .These reports are updated daily from relevant ASX announcements.  DatAnalysis premium also provides a 12-year history of detailed financial information for all companies listed on ASX. Results can be downloaded into spread sheet format.


Business Source Complete

Also includes full text information such as country economic reports, and detailed company profiles for the world's 5,000 largest companies. 


Detailed industry profiles on Australia’s 500 industries (please note, Deakin does not generally subscribe to company reports within IBIS)

For further help in finding information about companies and industries have a look at the Companies and Industries Library Resource Guide

Study Support

The Study Support page provides study support services to help you get the most out of your learning experience.

Deakin guide to referencing

The Deakin guide to referencing page is a comprehensive guide to different referencing styles. For this unit, you will be required to use the Deakin Harvard style.

Academic Skills

The Academic skills page, includes an overview of academic skills resources available, organised under four tabs: ‘Getting started’, ‘Writing’, ‘Exams’, and ‘Seminars & classes’.

Maths Portal

This portal has links to key areas of maths that will help you cover the basics and tackle the trickier stuff.


Click on the Find it @ Deakin icon to access the full text of the article in a different database.

Ask a Librarian if you are still unsure.

Acceptable use of electronic resources

Deakin University Library provides access to electronic resources for education, research or personal use.  Use of the resources is usually governed by licence agreements.

Use by individual users is subject to acceptance of the terms and conditions of the licence agreements, and/or copyright law.  When a licence applies, the terms of use will be shown from the links called "Licensing & Resource Info" or "more info".

Information must not be used for commercial purposes or re-sold in any way. Any copyright resides with the original author or publisher.