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Occupational Health and Safety

Why is Occupational Health and Safety important?

Deakin University is committed to creating a safe environment for everyone, including staff, students and visitors. This resource guide includes a range of free and subscription resources on occupational health and safety. This guide contains useful information to employ good occupational health and safety processes on campus, but also resources that are useful in the workplace.

Tip: Check out the Deakin Occupational Health and Safety website

The Occupational Health and Safety website contains useful links to the Deakin OHS Manual, WorkCover, Accident & hazard reporting, OHS management & compliance, updates, news and much more.


Using e-books

The library has help pages for using e-books. The easiest way to read an e-book is to access and read it online without downloading it. If you are going to be using the e-book when you have no internet access, you may wish to download the e-book. Each e-book platform can look a bit different, but most have similar features.