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Systematic and systematic-like review toolkit

Toolkit of resources to support researchers in the development of systematic and systematic-like reviews

4.0 Appraisal tools

Systematic ReviewIntegrative ReviewRapid Review

Critical appraisal tools help you to check the validity and accuracy of article information, tailored to specific study designs.

Buchieri and Shafiri’s article (2017) Critical Appraisal Tools and Reporting Guidelines for Evidence-Based Practice, outlines the uses of appraisal tools, the strengths and weaknesses of different tools along with links to various examples. In addition it explains Reporting Guidelines which assist in performing a study according to best practice guidelines. You can see examples of guidelines on various topics and study types at The Equator Network.

Helpful checklists:

Other tools and resource pages:

Scoping ReviewTraditional Review

A study by study synthesis is not generally included in traditional literature and scoping reviews as they employ a more general critical analysis.