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Getting started with the library NIKERI

Managing and citing your references

You can save references you come across in a couple of ways.

Email references

In Library Search, select the item you want to email to yourself.

Select the option for Email on the right hand side and key in your email details.

Create a 'permalink'

Alternatively you can create links to the records you find. Note: Do not use the browser link as this is a temporary session link only and will expire after 24 hours.

As for email, select the item you want.  Then from the list of options on the right hand side, select Permalink.  Copy and paste the link that appears in the permalink box just above the item title.

It's very important that you cite and reference your sources in a correct and consistent format (e.g. Harvard, APA6th, Vancouver etc).

Referencing guide

A very useful resource is Deakin's Referencing Guide which contains examples of how to reference a range of source types (e.g. book chapters, journal articles, websites etc) in different referencing formats.

Library Search's Cite feature

A useful shortcut is the Cite feature in Library Search

Select the item record and choose Cite from the options on the right hand side.  Select the relevant referencing style and copy and paste into your document.  Important note: make sure the example you select is then correctly formatted to the relevant Deakin version. You may need to modify it slightly to suit.  However, this is a useful feature that will save you time in typing out the whole reference.

How many references do you need?

This short video will guide you in thinking about how many references you need for your assignment - there is no hard and fast rule!