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DUELI students

Library information resources

The following video explains the types of resources you can access through the library for your research.

To access resources and databases, search the library catalogue and/or use A-Z databases.

Identifying search terms

Successfully locating suitable journal articles and books involves thinking laterally about your topic and identifying additional and related concepts, keywords and phrases.

You can then use these concepts, keywords and phrases as search terms when you search a database.

Identifying these extra search terms in advance of searching prepares you with alternatives, so if one search doesn't give you useful results, you can improve your search using alternatives.

This video will help you with the process of identifying search terms:

Information searching techniques

When you search a database for books or journal articles, there are some tips and techniques which will make your searching more effective. This video will provide you with tips and techniques for successful searching:

Articles FAQ

What is a scholarly journal?

A scholarly journal is a publication in which experts in a field submit articles.  This is one of the primary means through which many disciplines discuss new findings, ideas and research.

What is a scholarly article?

Scholarly articles can also be referred to as academic or peer reviewed articles. They are written to inform or report research to a scholarly audience, and therefore tend to use technical language.

Many of these articles have been through a peer review process. They contain an abstract along with a list of references or other readings.

What does peer review mean?

Many scholarly journals will only accept articles for publication after an expert in the field check the contents of the article for its credibility. Reviewers assess whether the contents of the article are accurate, fair and balanced, up to date and ethical.

For help finding a particular journal or journal article, visit the Skills for Study help page

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is great for locating academic articles!

Google Scholar Search

Database tips

Tips and tricks to make your database search easier.