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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies


State and National Libraries and Archives will often contain collections of rare or special materials such as manuscripts, diaries, artworks and sound recordings, relating to Aboriginal culture, history, language and art.  The collection of these materials is undertaken in line with National and State Libraries Australasia's Current practices and protocols for maintaining Indigenous collections. You may need to visit the institutions in person to access much of this material.

The collection of the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies
Includes sound and audio recordings, rare books, print material, photographs and pictures.

Australian War Memorial 
Has bibliographic information on people who have fought in World Wars I and II. You can search the Australian War Memorial Biographical Database online for hundreds of records and photographs of Indigenous servicemen.

Wathaurang Territory Material 
A collection of manuscripts written by Louise Lane in the Alfred Deakin Prime Ministerial Library (located in the Deakin Waterfront Campus in Geelong).  It consists of letters, newspaper cuttings, photographs, pamphlets, maps and other handwritten and typescript material. Some of the material appears to be dealing with aboriginal stone circles.