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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning guide

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning guide

"… we have come to embrace a capacious view of the topic, wanting to draw this movement in the broadest possible terms—as a big tent, if you will, under which a wide range of work can thrive."

Mary Taylor Huber & Pat Hutchings (2005)

What will you find in this guide?

Welcome. This guide has been developed to support educators interested in scholarly practice and research in the field of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). Educators can take an exploratory wander through this introduction to SoTL by reflecting on the language, literature and practices in this resource.

The areas of SoTL covered by this guide include:


Discover definitions and features of SoTL

Explore SoTL literature and influential theorists

Delve into research designs, methodologies and methods

Look into how to start a SoTL project 

Attribution and acknowledgement

Crediting creators or attributing content is a core part of both academic integrity and of being a digital citizen more broadly. This guide has been informed by the CAULLT course Contemporary Approaches to University Teaching in terms of the SoTL concepts and its open education design. Definitions and other written content were augmented or refined through use of text based generative AI (OpenAI, 2023).

This guide was co-created by Deakin Learning Futures Teaching Capability and Deakin Library. The text and layout of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning guide is © Deakin University 2023 and licensed under a CC BY-NC 4.0.

Contact pathways

As a co-created guide there are different contact details depending on your point of need: