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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament Referendum

'Yes' vote

The 'Yes' campaign asserts the Voice to Parliament enables self-determination of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, providing opportunities to inform policy and legal decisions that directly impact them. Embedding this in the constitution would give distinct recognition to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people which couldn't be reversed by future governments.

Watch the video (1 hour 12) : Noel Pearson addresses the National Press Club of Australia | ABC News 27th September 2023

Watch the video (1:06) below that invites all Australians to join in and work with First Nations people in a movement for better future, and to support a Yes vote in the referendum.

Key resources

The Library has gathered resources to inform Deakin community members of the 'Yes' vote. Explore the resources below for information and perspectives why individuals and groups are supporting the 'Yes' vote.