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Reading Lists

Reading list instructions for academics

6. Sharing and linking in CloudDeakin

Steps to sharing a reading list in CloudDeakin

  1. Log into CloudDeakin and select your unit site.
  1. Select Content from the CloudDeakin menu.



  1. Select Existing Activities to reveal a drop down menu and choose External Learning Tools.



  1. A list of applications will appear. Search or Select Reading List.



  1. Click on the Reading List title to launch the Reading List platform interface inside your CloudDeakin site.



  1. CloudDeakin will automatically search for the reading list that is published and matches the title of your unit site. You can also use the search box to find a specific reading list.



  1. The reading list content will be displayed in the Preview area.



  1. Once you have found the correct list, click the Save.





In the future if you ever want to fix the link to the Reading List (perhaps it has linked to the wrong list or section of a list). Click on the Reading List Title once again, this time a blue banner box will appear at the top of the list. Click Relink in the blue banner box to relink the Reading List in CloudDeakin to the correct list or section of a list.

Reading list and unit site rollover

Reading lists will be rolled over on the Reading List platform ahead of the teaching period. If you can't find your reading list, please contact the Course Resources and Access team.

On CloudDeakin, academics will need to click on the Reading List title to launch the Reading List linking tool inside your unit site and confirm which list they want to link to. This linking tool uses the Unit site's title and time period to suggest a matching list, but you can use the search box to link to a different list.

Best practice for linking to online resources from CloudDeakin

For the best student experience, and to reduce manual effort, we recommend that when a resource is available online (eg. an ebook, article, etc.) you link directly to the online version, and not link to the reading list item. Here is a link to our guide on linking directly to resources in CloudDeakin


If you want to link to resources that are only available in hardcopy, and has not had a portion digitised, you can link to the record in Library Search.

Create a link to a reading list to share in a discussion board

  1. Launch Reading List platform and navigate to a specific reading list
  2. Highlight and copy the resource address (ie: the link or URL) from the web browser address bar
  3. Paste the link into your discussion topic.


We do not recommend this link be used in other areas of your unit site, as this is a static link to this version of the reading list. This means that when your unit site is copied into the next offering, you will need to update the link in your unit site to direct to the correct version of the list.

Create a link to a digitisation

  1. Locating the record with the digitisation in a Reading List.
  2. Access the digitisation by clicking the View Online button.
  3. Copy the URL from the web browser (this will start with https://content.talis....)
  4. Share that with your colleagues or students.



As long as the reading list and digitisation are rolled over each trimester the unit occurs, this link will still go to the digitisation. If the record is deleted and then re-added, the rolling over will no longer transfer to the next occurrence of that digitisation.

To can make sure the digitisation becomes available on the reading list and share with you the new URL to the digitisation. Contact the Course Resources and Access team with the details of the unit and title of the resource.