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Reading Lists

Reading list instructions for academics

6. Sharing a List to CloudDeakin

The page provides steps to:

  • Share a reading list via a CloudDeakin site.


This page also provides information on the roll over function of reading lists.

Steps to sharing a reading list via a CloudDeakin

  1. Log into CloudDeakin and select your unit site.
  1. Select Content from the CloudDeakin menu.



  1. Select Existing Activities to reveal a drop down menu and choose External Learning Tools.



  1. A list of applications will appear. Search or Select Reading List.



  1. Click on the Reading List title to launch the Reading List platform interface inside your CloudDeakin site.



  1. CloudDeakin will automatically search for the reading list that is published and matches the title of your unit site. You can also use the search box to find a specific reading list.



  1. The reading list content will be displayed in the Preview area.



  1. Once you have found the correct list, click the Save.





In the future if you ever want to fix the link to the Reading List (perhaps it has linked to the wrong list or section of a list). Click on the Reading List Title once again, this time a blue banner box will appear at the top of the list. Click Relink in the blue banner box to relink the Reading List in CloudDeakin to the correct list or section of a list.

Reading list rollover

Reading lists will be rolled over automatically on the Reading List platform.

On CloudDeakin, academics will once again have to click on the Reading List title to launch the Reading List platform interface inside the CloudDeakin unit site. They will again be prompted to select the reading list with the Unit code and Title that match the CloudDeakin unit site.