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Talis Aspire instructions for academics

Set Up

These instructions explain how to get started with Talis, particularly installing the Talis Bookmark Button to your web browser. Once installed, this tool resides in your browser's bookmark toolbar meaning you only need to install it once. However if you change web browser or computers you will need to install the Talis Bookmark Button again.

Key steps are:

  1. Complete your profile (if you are a new Talis user)
  2. Display your browser bookmarks bar
  3. Install the Talis Bookmark Button

Once the Talis Bookmark Button is installed in your web browser, academics can quickly save resources they discover by simply clicking the button. Saved bookmarks are then available to add to a specific Reading List.

Complete your profile in Talis

The first time you use Talis, you will be prompted to complete your user profile. Only basic information is required making this a quick process.
To edit your Talis profile:

  1. In the main Talis menu, click on your name
  2. A drop-down menu will appear, now click on View Profile
  3. On the Profile screen, click Edit Profile
  4. Complete the brief profile information and click Save profile when finishedSave profile button

Display your browser bookmarks toolbar

Browser bookmarks and favorites can help you quickly navigate to websites you frequently use. These can be accessed from a browser toolbar, although some users choose to hide this toolbar to reduce the height of the browser menu.

To display the bookmarks toolbar on your web browser, choose your browser from the list below and follow the instructions.

  • Firefox:   Library > Bookmarks > Bookmarking Tools > View Bookmarks Toolbar
  • Google Chrome:   Click the button with 3 dots > Bookmarks > Show bookmarks bar
  • Safari:   View > Show Favourite Bar
  • Instructions for other browsers can be found at


Install the Talis Bookmark Button

Adding the Talis bookmark button to your browser bookmarks bar means you can quickly bookmark reading list resources from the web. You only need to install it once, however if you change web browser or computers you will need to install the Talis Bookmark Button again.

  • Launch Talis on your computer using this link
  • Look in the website menu and click My Bookmarks My Bookmarks button highlighted
  • Click on Install Bookmark Button and follow the instructions in the tutorial popup to add the bookmark tool to your browser toolbar    Install Bookmark Button highlighted
  • Once this is done you are ready to bookmark Talis resources from anywhere on the web
  • More detailed instructions on how to add the Bookmark Button to different web browsers is available from this Talis support page