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Reading Lists

Talis Aspire instructions for academics

Create and Edit

The key steps to creating and managing a reading list using Talis are: 

  1. Start a new reading list
  2. Add resources, paragraphs and sections
  3. Manage resources
  4. Make changes to a list

Video-based instructions are provided below and more detailed instructions are available from this Talis support page. Remember to contact your Liaison Librarian if you require further assistance.

Start a new reading list and add resources, paragraphs and sections (2:01 min)

This video includes instructions about:

  • creating a new list
  • adding list details
  • adding sections
  • adding a resource from your bookmarks

Manage resources (1:23 min)

This video includes instructions about:

  • adding a new resource
  • setting the importance of a resource
  • adding student notes to a resource
  • adding notes for library staff (these are not visible to students)


Adding a new resource

The above video demonstrates how to add a resource from your bookmarks. For specific help on adding particular resource types view the instructions below or contact your liaison librarian.

Adding an e-book chapter

To link directly to a chapter in an e-book follow the steps below.

  1. Add the e-book to your reading list
  2. Look on the right side of the row containing the resource, click the button with three dots to launch the Edit item menu
  3. Click on Edit

  4. In the Add Field section, click on the drop-down arrow and select Has part (chapter, article, etc.)...

  5. Then click on the Add button
  6. Select Chapter in the Resource Type field
  7. Enter the chapter title into the Title field
  8. Use the Add field box to get the web address field, then select the Add button

  9. Navigate to the e-book and right-click on the chapter link in the Table of Contents to copy the link to the chapter
  10. Paste the link into the web address field in Talis Aspire, and select Save.

Tips about the "importance" setting

Make sure you correctly set the "importance" for individual learning resources. In particular, setting the importance to "Pimportance settingsrescribed" automatically does the following:

  • Informs students of the learning resources they need to acquire.
  • Affects library purchasing decisions.

A demonstration of setting the importance for individual learning resources appears at the 00:30 mark in the video above. At Deakin, you have three options: Prescribed, Recommended and Further Reading. 

Request a digitised reading

Do you need a chapter or specific pages of a print book scanned for your reading list?

You can request a digitisation in 3 steps:

  1. add the book record to your reading list
  2. look on the right side of the row containing the resource, click the button with three dots and select Request digitisation. This will launch a form
  3. fill out the sections to submit the form to the eReadings Team.

Please note: You do not have to supply the scanned reading, however if you have a scanned copy this will speed up the process.

Make changes to a list (4:05 min)

The video below includes instructions about:

  • the action bar
  • the edit menu
  • adding resources, paragraphs and sections
  • moving items and sections in your list