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Reading Lists

Talis Aspire instructions for academics


These instructions explain how academics can check different aspects of their reading lists, including resource availability, format, copyright and usage.

Request a review

Once published you can send your list to library staff for review. The review involves checking your list to ensure that:

  • Edit menu showing Request review buttonthe library has copies of resources on your reading list,   
  • digital versions are provided where possible,
  • copyright requirements are met,
  • prescribed and recommended texts are ordered according to collection guidelines, and 
  • the metadata in the list is clean.

To request a review, open your reading list, click Edit, then Request review.
Once the review is complete, the Library will inform you of any changes made, books ordered etc.

Check resource usage

You can periodically use Talis' analytics to track which resources your students are accessing and then use this information to improve aspects of your reading list.

View menu showing Analytics buttonTo access the analytics, open your reading list, click View, then Analytics.  

You can review activity statistics for the following:

  • specific date ranges
  • overall list or specific items
  • overall list views
  • number of times a user clicked through to an item
  • most clicked resource
  • number of times a user made a note or set a read status.

The Analytics Dashboard also includes a tutorial which explains the interface.

Check the student view

View menu showing As student buttonTo see what the reading list looks like for your students, click View, then As student.  

You cannot edit the list when it is in student view, so to return to normal view, click the blue Exit student view button.